Merino Wool Long Sleeves Romper with Hood

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This super soft merino wool romper with hood is perfect for chilly or wet days as a second layer of clothing. It is perfect for buggy naps or trips in a car as it controls your baby’s temperature, so your child will not overheat or get cold. It can also be worn as a first layer of clothing on warmer days. It is very soft and gentle to the skin even for those with extra sensitive skin. Read more about the features of the wool here

Merino wool neutralises odours so you won’t need to wash it too often unless it gets soiled. It can be hanged up in the fresh air to just freshen it up. In case you need to wash it hand wash or machine wash at 30˚C with wool detergent. Do not wring or tumble dry. Avoid heat such as radiators or direct sunlight when drying. Do not use fabric softener as it causes fabric thinning. Click here to read more on how to wash woollen garments.

This romper is made from the superfine and soft 100% natural merino wool frote (OEKO-tex standard)

Size Chart:






Chest cm (in)

41-47 (16.5-18)

46-50 (18-19.5)

50-54 (19.5-21)

55-58 (21.5-23)

Hips cm (in)

48-52 (19-20.5)

52-54 (20.5-21)

55-60 (21.5-23.5)

58-64 (23-25)

Length cm (in)

45 (18)

51.5 (20)

60.5 (24)

67 (26)

Sleeves cm (in)

20.5 (8)

22.5 (9)

27.5 (11)

31 (12)

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