Bamboo Pants

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Bamboo baby pants are very soft and extra gentle on the sensitive baby’s skin and is perfect for those with allergies. Bamboo material soaks up the sweat like a sponge so your baby will always be dry. It is also very famous for controlling body temperature so you will always be sure that your baby is not going to overheat or get cold. Because of it’s antibacterial features bamboo clothes will always smell fresh as it doesn’t allow bacteria to grow. Bamboo material protects the skin from UV sun rays that means you don’t have to worry out applying sunscreen all the time.

Sizes 56, 62 and 68 have a support waste band in white.

95% bamboo (Oeko Tex) and 5% spandex

wash at 40˚C using eco washing powder (liquid). Do not use fabric softener.

Size Chart:








Waist cm (in)

46 (18)

48 (19)

50 (19.5)

51 (20)

51.5 (20.3)

52 (20.5)

Hips cm (in)

44 (17)

48 (19)

50 (19.5)

51 (20)

52 (20.5)

54 (21)

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