Merino Wool Wardrobe for Kids

There is a very big variety of children clothes these days: fashionable shorts, sweaters, jumpers, beautiful dresses, trousers in every single color and trend. But clothes for children should not only look good. Parents should always look for the good quality, comfortable and long lasting clothes that are gentle to sensitive children’s skin and never go out of fashion. Merino wool clothes tick every single box mentioned above.

Merino wool clothes are ideal for babies, toddlers and older children. Merino wool's breathability helps to reduce sweat and odor, which keeps children’s skin dry and clean. Merino wool is the best material in controlling body temperature. This is very important for babies who tend to sweat easily. Moreover, clothes are antibacterial and differently from any other material they are fire resistant. Merino wool is a natural barrier to UV. Clothes don’t need to be washed after every single wear unless they get stained. for tips how to wash merino wool clothes go here --> 

For bad sleepers merino wool pajamas is a must.

No harsh chemicals or dyes are used on the fibres to keep the wool features to the highest standards so they are the best choice for the delicate children’s skin. Light colors go well with any other color clothes allowing children to wear merino wool every day or for special occasions.

You can always buy bigger sizes because merino wool clothes are elastic and they grow together with your baby. When outgrown they can be passed on to younger siblings or friends.

 What kind of merino wool clothes should be a part of every child’s wardrobe?

  1. Merino wool pants. They are worm and soft. Pants can be worn as under pants, instead of tights or as top pants. They give freedom to the movement so they are ideal for learners to walk as well as busy bees at the nursery.
  2. Merino wool sweater is a must for every single girl and boy. It goes well with trousers and skirts. Natural colors will look good for any occasion.
  3. Merino wool top. It can be worn on wormer days by itself or under a sweater on colder days. It will leave you confident that your child is not going to get too cold or too hot, which is perfect for the nursery, in the car or on the bus.
  4. Merino wool mittens are very important for every child to have. They are perfect for the cold days in the nursery. They are soft and flexible so children will not get annoyed with them being uncomfortable.
  5. Merino wool hat and a scarf. Hat is tight so it will keep your little one’s years warm and free from ear infections. Scarf is not just an accessory but it also keeps the entire body worm. Merino wool hat will not lose the shape or color so your child will only need one hat and one scarf for the entire winter. It can be passed on to younger sisters and brothers.

To sum everything up merino wool clothes are the best choices of clothing for your children. They are perfect for any weather and every occasion. Sometimes having a few less clothes in the wardrobe might mean having more as quality is a key.