Our Story...

The journey of this shop has started a year ago when we moved to UK from Norway.

Children's Fashion sector is very wide here in UK compared to Norway and clothes are a lot cheaper. But what we did not realise is that cheap clothes are made from GMO cotton, and harsh chemicals are used to make and dye this cotton. when our daughter's eczema started getting worse we struggled to find ethical clothes.

We used to love merino wool from underwear to blankets. Even in summer time we used to wear a lot of merino wool clothes, which we miss here as it is not as popular. We really missed it when our daughter started attending nursery. Merino wool is the only material which controls heat, so you never get too hot or too cold. It helps to avoid unwanted colds from overheating while having a busy day at the nursery. It is gentle to the skin as well, even for those who have extra sensitive skin.

We would probably never thought about the harm of certain fibres they do to our skin and health if we had not had a chance to try organic cotton and woollen clothes before. But after we did, it became a part of our lifestyle and very hard to live without. 

By opening this shop we want to be a part of your child's happier and healthier childhood and give you an opportunity to try healthy fashion yourself.

Sincerely Yours