Conventional Cotton VS Organic Cotton

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Fashion plays a very important role in our lives. It has become very important to buy fashionable clothes for our kids and even our babies became fashion dolls. But have you noticed that over the last decade skin allergies have become nearly everyone’s problem. Eczema cases have risen by 40% over the last 5 years and it is predicted it is going to raise even more. When you buy 100% cotton clothes for your children you think you are protecting their health and their skin with natural fibres. But let’s have a closer look if cotton is really such a natural fibre to wear.

conventional cotton pesticides fertilisersCotton industry is second biggest and dirtiest after the oil industry. Most of our clothes are made of conventionally produced cotton which is grown from GMO seeds with the use of massive amounts of pesticides. Then large amounts of chemicals containing toxins are used to produce cotton fibres. After that fibres are bleached and toxic dyes are applied to make them colourful. Can you imagine how much chemicals and toxins are absorbed into the fibre before it becomes a t-shirt? And we let it touch our skin and even worse - our baby’s sensitive skin. Baby’s skin is like a sponge it absorbs everything that touches it. Chemicals used in cotton can cause skin allergies, sterility, still birth, neurological abnormalities and cancer. So it is worth a thought if conventional cotton is a good choice for us.

Furthermore, child labour and slavery is wide spread within the industry. 1 million out of 25 million workers worldwide are hospitalised due to pesticide poisoning and around 20 000 of them die each year. Most of them are kids who are either working on the fields during spraying season or living close by. Pesticides poison the land, water and food. One of the examples is Aldicarb. Aldicarb is a pesticide used to grow cotton in 26 countries were only a single drop of it absorbed through the skin can kill an adult.

We support conventional cotton industry every day buy buying pretty clothes without realising how many lives it costed to make all the clothes we have in our wardrobes and what kind of damage it does to us by touching to our skin.

There is of course an alternative – organic, Fairtrade cotton, which should be the only option of cotton available to buy. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. Workers on the organic fields have rights and health and safety in place to protect them.

organic cottonOrganic cotton clothes are gaining popularity. The only down side is that they are a little bit more expensive as there are no hidden costs, slavery or child labour used on organic cotton fields. Organic cotton clothes are not only better for our health, softer and more comfortable but they also have a lot longer durability.

Colour grown cotton was bread around 5000 years ago and it is believed that Mochica Indians discovered it. It used to be very popular before conventional cotton took over. Colour grown cotton has many advantages. One and the most important advantage is that it has natural colour so no dyes are used. It can be lots of shades of brown including red as well as green. Colour does not fade but gets deeper after every single wash. Second advantage is that it is a lot softer than any other kind of cotton so it is perfect for a delicate baby’s skin. Third advantage is the nice and natural smell as no chemicals at all are used to produce the cotton fibre. This type of cotton is perfect for everyone especially children and those with sensitive skin or skin allergies. Of course to keep it natural it has to be washed using natural detergents or soap flakes. Colour grown cotton clothes will last you forever.

Most of the popular brands and shops sell conventional cotton. Don’t be a part of poisoning the land and its people – the workers. Choose the better and more ethnical option which is organic cotton or even better – colour grown cotton. Even though it costs more it will last you a lot longer keeping your skin healthier. Think about all the chemicals used on conventional cotton and how much harm can be done by wearing it.

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