Camping with Children

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As a child I used to go camping every summer. The longest I camped was two weeks with the youths from church. The memories from camping are unforgettable and they fill my heart with warmth

As a parent I want to allow my children to experience the same feelings I had. I want them to know what it means to sit under the open sky watching the starscamping with children

, smelling the camp fire and lying down in a dry tent after the wet and busy day outside

We go camping at least couple of times a year and next weekend we are opening our camping season with our 4 year old and a 5 month old daughters. Here are some reasons why I think camping is a healthy, cheap and a great family bonding holiday:

 * Camping builds up the confidence and independence in children

Children try and succeed on new things every single day while camping. They make their own decisions and achieve something new all the time. This allows them to understand that they can do more then they think they can.

 * Camping teaches children to appreciate small things

On a daily life children don’t think that having a warm bath, clean bed and hot food is something to appreciate because it just feels so natural and obvious to them. Well while camping they don’t have all of this so it makes them think and respect things they have at home more.

 * Camping builds up relationship between family members

Family members forget about their phones, computers, Ipads and TV shows. It opens up new and untouched conversations. And even though you might think you know everything about your family you will learn something new about each individual for sure.

 * Camping is a good way to break out of the daily routine

You leave everything behind and connect with the nature and your loved ones. Nature relaxes so well and even after staying out for just one night refreshes your mind and takes off the everyday stress. Happy and relaxed adults equal happy and healthy children.

I would like to encourage those who have new babies and are hesitating to go camping.  Babies love it as much as you do if not even more. There are only a few extra things to think about w
hen taking a baby with you:

  1. 1. good clothing – you don’t want your baby to overheat or get cold, so for the base layer choose merino wool clothing, insulating layer and the top waterproof layer if it is wet.
  2. hat and mittens for the night time.
  3. if your baby is still very young, it would be a great idea to take moses basket with the sleeping bag and lots of blankets, as the temperature drops a lot at night.
  4. hot water bottle which you can put into the the sleeping bag to keep those little toes warm.
  5. baby carrier – front or back carrier which ever is comfier for you. You can take a sling if that is what you prefer.
  6. if your baby can crawl take waterproof dungerees so he/she could crawl about and enjoy the space and freedom
  7. travel cot – only if your baby can crawl so you can use it as a play pen
  8. baby food – if your baby is on solids already prepare something a night before the trip
  9. lots and lots of water – not only for your baby but for yourselves as well. It is important to stay hydrated.

Every time we go camping we wonder why we don’t go more often. It is great fun for everyone. Kids love telling their camping adventures and experiences at nursery or school.

When are you opening the camping season? And who is the youngest member to go with you in your family?

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