5 Reasons why Wool sleepwear is best for you and your baby

Simona Bendze

So you may have heard about the benefits of wool sleepwear and sportswear or day to day wool wear, but what's all the fuss really about and what makes it so different to cotton or synthetics? There are literally hundreds of reasons why wool is taking over as the nation's favourite but we thought we'd sum up our top 5 benefits.











25% Better Sleep 

It is scientifically proven, but how can wool fabric improve your sleep by 25%?

There are 5 stages of sleep;

  • Stage 1- A light stage of sleep when we can be woken easily by a noise or movement. Usually lasts 5-10 minutes
  • Stage 2- Slightly deeper, your body temperature begins to fall and heart rate begins to slow down. Lasts around 20 minutes.
  • Stage 3- This is the transition between light and deep sleep and our brain waves slow down
  • Stage 4- Deep sleep which will last about 30 minutes and return us to stage 3 and back again in a cycle that leads to stage 5 sleep. In this stage our body is thought to do the most repair and regeneration of cells.
  • Stage 5- This is known as REM sleep which we usually reach about 90 minutes after falling asleep. Increased brain activity leads to dreams and decreased physical activity protect you from acting out your dreams. The amount of stage 5 sleep that is possible reduces with age, babies will spend half of their time asleep in stage 5 sleep!

We go through these stages in a cycle all night long. However decreased comfort due to external factors can interrupt this cycle and wake you or your baby up. Scientific studies have shown that sleeping with wool clothing helps you gain 25% more deep regenerative sleep when compared to other fbric types.


Temperature regulating

Wool fibre is a clever fibre which naturally adapts to you keeping you at a steady temperature. When you are cold the wool fibres trap air creating an insulating layer but if you begin to perspire wool helps you to naturally cool down by drawing moisture away. This is very important for small babies whose body temperature is very irregular to not overheat.


Allergy Safe

Forget the rough sweaters you wore that made your skin itch when you were a child. Years ago the wool which was used to make woollen jumpers was made from domestic sheep wool. Merino wool fibres are super soft and it doesn’t make the skin itch. It has even been scientifically proven that merino wool clothing help those suffering from dermatitis and eczema.


Low maintenance

Woollen garments are antibacterial so they need very little effort to be cared for. They do not need to be washed after every single night unlike the cotton fibre sleepwear. It is enough to simply aerate them from time to time in wet weather.

Wash it once a month or if soiled. Most of the woollen clothes are machine washable. But be sure you use the correct detergent to avoid wool loosing its properties.


Less cries

One study revealed that babies are more likely to cry more than twice while sleeping in cotton then sleeping in wool nightwear. those sleeping in wool were more settled compared to those in cotton.


Wrap your baby up in merino wool nightwear and both have a good night sleep. The day seems a lot brighter after a good night sleep and you both deserve it!

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